The People of Borthunne

Total population (all figures are approximate): 18500
Humans: 12990
Elves: 1280
Half-elves: 550
Dwarves: 1650
Halflings: 1280
Half-Orc: 450
Gnome: 280

The Taverns/Inns:

The Last Stop Inn owned/operated by Drennor “Gramps” Bollman and his grand-daughter Camilla
The Slippery Rock owner Belanaise Aitkin
Jannovik’s Unicorn owner Nela Jannovik
Three Moons Tavern owner Migdalia Metz
The Red Barrel owner Ormund Aberdil, this tavern seems to attract a more “less desirable” crowd
The Trollop and the Troll owner Gofnir Arydane

The Blacksmiths:

Keetle’s Iron owned by Parih Keetels Half-Orc expert Blacksmith, her husband Hoygh also smith’s there with 2 apprentices
Copper Hammer owned by Darley Comanici expert Blacksmith, her husband, Danel, is a Cleric(7) at the Temple, 2 apprentices
The Polished Anvil owned by Yvette Uziel expert Blacksmith, has one helper, Darley Adler also an expert, best prices/best products

Magic Shop:

The Lost Parchment owned by Astra Adams

The Temple:

The tallest building in the town, it’s tallest spire reaches almost 100 feet high (96 feet 3 inches if you ask the stone mason, Ghaleed Korsohn) The temple is located in the north-eastern part of the town occupying a small hillock that butts up against the northern wall. The property is surrounded by a wrought-iron fence with gates to the south and west. It boasts the most inclusive garden in all the kingdom with over 300 different types of flora from all over and tended by the greenest of green thumbs Ellandra Thyme. The graveyard lies behind the temple and extends up the slope of the hill and over the crest with a handful of mausoleums purchased by the wealthiest families of the town.

The Temple is overseen by the Cleric, Cadwyn Lock, and assisted by 21 other Adepts and Acolytes.


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